The Inspiring Journey of a Young Acquisition Executive at PriyoShop!

The Inspiring Journey of a Young Acquisition Executive at PriyoShop

In the face of life’s greatest adversities, some individuals demonstrate extraordinary resilience and determination. Such is the story of a young boy, 23-year old Khandaker Mohammad Arshad Tahsin, whose journey from loss to success serves as an inspiration to many. Orphaned at a young age and burdened with the responsibility of taking care of his […]

Celebrating Mothers Day: A Legacy of Love and Empowerment at PriyoShop!

Every year the second Sunday of May transforms into a global celebration for mothers. This year, on May 12th, we at PriyoShop join the chorus in expressing our deepest gratitude to the incredible women who nurture, inspire and empower us. But Mother’s Day is more than just cards, flowers and brunch. Today, we delve into […]

Let’s Rewind 2023: A Golden Year at PriyoShop!

As 2023 ends, PriyoShop, a leading B2B marketplace, is excited to share our achievements! This year was no ordinary ride; it was a superhero movie for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs! And PriyoShop had an excellent journey this year. Growth Squad Assemble: We onboarded over 50,000 amazing MSMEs, each with a dream bigger than anything! We welcomed them […]

Celebrating Victory Day of Bangladesh: The Day of Freedom and Unity!

The journey of liberation is filled with struggles, obstacles and group efforts. The path to liberation in Bangladesh was marked by persistent suffering – nearly two centuries under British colonial control and another two and a half decades under Pakistani authorities’ harsh dictatorship. Untold sorrows, life bonds and terrible atrocities became bitter chapters in our […]