Have you ever craved for amazing Bengali wedding food without attending a wedding ceremony? Biye Bari got you covered. Biye Bari, meaning ‘Wedding House’, is a fun idea started by a young entrepreneur named Atiya Rahman Pushpo in the heart of Dhaka. 

Think of Biye Bari as a fancy restaurant dressed up for a wedding, open from 11 AM to 11 PM. The idea was to serve all the delicious dishes you would find at a big Bengali wedding! They started in Mirpur, and became so popular that they opened another branch in Dhanmondi!

But running a restaurant in Dhaka isn’t easy. Traffic jams are a big headache, and Biye Bari struggled to get ingredients on time. Sometimes, they had even run out of food because deliveries got stuck in traffic! This meant hungry customers and lost business, not good for their business!

Guess what? This wasn’t just Biye Bari’s problem. Many Dhaka-based restaurants faced the same struggle. Thankfully, a local company called PriyoShop came to the rescue! PriyoShop is basically an easy-to-use app where restaurants can order all their supplies.

Imagine a giant marketplace with tons of options! Over 200 different brands, both local and international, offering 4,000 different items! That’s basically PriyoShop. Now, Biye Bari can order everything they need with just a few taps on their phone. Super easy!

Here’s the best part: PriyoShop guarantees delivery within 24 hours! No more traffic jams messing things up! Biye Bari always has the ingredients to cook those yummy wedding feasts. This means happy customers who can always get their fill of delicious food!

But it’s not just about convenience. Since using PriyoShop, Biye Bari’s business has grown by a whopping 20%! They can focus on what they do best – cooking awesome food – instead of stressing about deliveries.

But the impact of PriyoShop extends beyond individual restaurants; it’s driving positive change across Dhaka’s food industry. By streamlining supply chains and harnessing the power of technology, PriyoShop is paving the way for a more resilient and thriving restaurant ecosystem. With access to a diverse range of suppliers and products, restaurants can innovate and differentiate themselves, fueling growth and prosperity in the local economy.

In Dhaka, where every meal is a celebration of flavours and traditions, PriyoShop is rewriting the rules of restaurant management. Through innovation and collaboration, PriyoShop is empowering entrepreneurs like Atiya Rahman Pushpo to realize their culinary dreams and delight customers with every bite. As Dhaka continues to evolve, one thing is clear: with PriyoShop by their side, the future of dining is brighter than ever.

So next time you are in Dhaka, and craving a taste of a wedding feast, forget the invite and head to Biye Bari! You might just discover your new favourite food spot!