Bangladesh currently has an extensive retail market, with more than 5 million retailers to serve the nation’s 180 million population. These retailers, like Md. Kashem, are often the backbone of their communities. Not only do they provide a wide range of necessities for their communities, but they also build a strong relationship with the local customers. Apart from this scenario, they faced numerous problems in their business lives. 

The Struggles of Traditional Retailers

Md. Kashem, like many other retailers, faced difficulties keeping up with the demands of his customers such as travelling to different distributors for product purchasing became a regular problem for them. As a result, his ability to source products led to stock shortages and ultimately, loss of customers. Additionally, a lack of transparency in pricing made it hard for him to compete effectively.

The Challenge: Bridging the Tech Gap

Though Bangladesh’s B2B scenario is messed up, every year more than 50,000 retailers are entering this sector, and most of them are youth. While younger retailers embrace technology, many older shopkeepers haven’t had the opportunity to develop digital skills just because they are not used to the latest technology. This creates a barrier to overcome from the existing solutions. Here’s where PriyoShop steps in. 

PriyoShop: Empowering Retailers Like Md. Kashem

PriyoShop understands the unique needs of traditional retailers. To fulfill their needs PriyoShop offers an easy solution for retailers who are facing problems like Md. Kashem. This platform offers a solution, an easy-to-use application in the local language, that addresses the challenges faced by Md. Kashem and countless others.

With PriyoShop, Md. Kashem can now pick over 4,000 SKUs from 200+ brands with just a few clicks on his smartphone. This saves him time in visiting several distributors and cuts off the cost of visiting. 

From Suffering to Success

Transforming to a digital platform wasn’t easy for Md. Kashem. Initially, the comfort of the manual order system outweighed the potential benefits of technology. However, PriyoShop’s commitment to education made all the difference. PriyoShop patiently guided him through the process, building his confidence and helping him navigate the app.

Md. Kashem’s story is an example of how PriyoShop is empowering traditional retailers as well as older retailers. By bridging the tech gap and offering a user-friendly platform, PriyoShop is ensuring that these valuable members of the community can continue to thrive in the digital age. As PriyoShop continues its mission, the future of retail in Bangladesh looks bright for both established shops and their tech-savvy counterparts.