PriyoShop– a leading B2B marketplace in Bangladesh has expanded its territory into 7 new areas to fulfil its commitment to the betterment of the MSMEs. This strategic expansion not only shows an important turning point for PriyoShop but also represents a revolution in the ongoing MSME ecosystem of Bangladesh.

Over the past few months, PriyoShop has been working tirelessly to fulfil its goal of empowering MSMEs from around the country and its main mission is to serve 1 Million MSMEs by 2025. To reach its goal one step closer, it has launched its new hubs in Dania, Cox’s Bazar, Kallyanpur, Mymensing, Manda, Shariatpur, Khilgaon, and Gazipur. These new hubs offer daily demand for last-mile MSMEs, ensuring that even the most distant MSMEs have access to their key resources and services.

One of the key features of this expansion is the exclusive partnership of PriyoShop with established brands like ACI, Akij, Sun City, Rupchanda, Square, and many other brands of local and International origin. Through these partnerships, our goals are achieved, making the MSMEs’ product offerings even better and at the same time our dedication to building early collaborative ecosystems which helps the smaller businesses to grow is also reflected.

Additionally, This expansion is ready to revolutionize the MSME system in many ways. Firstly, it solves the logistic issues that almost every mom-and-pop shops face, especially those in remote or rural locations. By launching hubs in these areas, PriyoShop is simplifying the supply chain and facilitating MSMEs’ access to key goods and services.

Another benefit offered by PriyoShop is the fact that it has onboarded more than 200 brands which means that there is access to high-standard products at affordable costs by the MSMEs. It does not only make these businesses more competitive, but also gives them the chance to meet the needs of more people and, at the same time, supply more variants of items, helping them grow in terms of sales and markets.

Furthermore, a collaborative culture facilitates the ecosystem of MSMEs which PriyoShop’s expansion has tailored. Through partnerships with local and globally renowned brands, PriyoShop indirectly contributes to the flow of information and enhances the skillset of the locals and corporate sectors. As a result, each business, besides the MSMEs turnover strengthens, as well as the sector itself.

PriyoShop’s ambition of serving a million MSMEs by 2025 serves as a rallying cry for continued innovation and expansion. By leveraging technology, partnerships, and a deep understanding of the needs of MSMEs, PriyoShop is ready to become a catalyst for transformative change within the MSME ecosystem.

The recent expansion of PriyoShop into seven new locations is a noteworthy step among the company’s many attempts to reach its set goals. PriyoShop is a company that is bringing about a revolution in the MSME sector, notably by ensuring compliant standards are observed, opening up space for the growth and ultimate prosperity of small retailers, and the delivery of logistics knowledge and commitment to them individually. Following the nationwide growth and expansion of PriyoShop into more areas, MSMEs from all over Bangladesh can also lead to a larger promise for the future.