In an era where people are embracing inclusion and equality, PriyoShop sets a shining example of an organization that not just only showcases these ideals but embodies these ideals. The best part of PriyoShop is that, at PriyoShop we value all the employees for who they are, along with their efforts and contribution. We believe in the value each individual brings to the table, and that talent knows no bounds. Today, we would like to share a story that sets an example of this idea. This is the story of Md. Khorshed Alam, Jr. Executive, Accounts & Finance team!

Journey of Khorshed Alam

Khorshed Alam’s journey to the date hasn’t been easy. Let’s start from the very beginning of the story. He had an accident in class 2 which damaged his left eye, and his life had been changed from then. He had to suffer a lot regarding his study and regular life. But, with his determination and unstoppable spirit Khorshed excelled in his studies with the unwavering support of his family, friends and relatives which made him who he is today. With this job he not only finds the light of his career but also achieves a newfound sense of self-reliance, enabling him to support his family with pride and dignity.

This is where our paths crossed. Khorshed came to learn about PriyoShop and its hiring through his friend. He applied. We saw qualities like dedication, work ethic, genuine desire to learn and contribution in him. We haven’t thought about his disability other than prioritizing his skills and potential. After the training period, he joined team PriyoShop as a Jr. Executive in Accounts & Finance team at Uttara hub. He has been doing an excellent job from day one with his dedication and ethics, and became a valuable asset to the team. 

At PriyoShop, we highly believe that success shouldn’t be dependent on anyone’s disability. We treat Khorshed like any other employee without any difference. He is an integral part of our team, and we are committed to providing him with the support and resources he needs to excel in his role.

Saimun Ahmed, Hub manager at Uttara, talks about Khorshed, “He is a great man both as a person and as a colleague.” Saimun also added that, “Khorshed is not only a valuable asset professionally but also a beacon of inspiration in his everyday life.”

This is an example for those who are still suffering from an inferiority complex. Khorshed’s life at PriyoShop is a message of hope that says, “Don’t let your problems and limitations define you. Focus on your goals, increase your skills, don’t give up.”

We, team PriyoShop, are committed to creating a work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential by embodying equality. We stand for the promotion of diversity and equity. Let’s be proud of the distinctive qualities and viewpoints everyone adds to the team, and build a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

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