In the bustling city of Dhaka, Salma Begum, a dedicated housewife, found herself thrust into a challenging situation a few months ago. Her husband, Hannan Hossain, a mom-and-pop shop owner, was struggling to manage his business due to difficulties in sourcing products from various brands and distributors.

Hannan’s shop, catering to an average of 150 customers per day, faced frequent closures as he had to personally visit markets to secure products. The repetitive nature of this process led to a decline in customers, threatening the very existence of his small business.

Witnessing her husband’s struggle, Salma decided to step in and help her husband. She assumed the responsibility of managing the shop while Hannan focused on sourcing products. However, this meant Salma was stretched thin, unable to dedicate time to her own children and family.

The Solution in PriyoShop

One day, as Hannan went to the market, a customer arrived seeking a product that was not available in their shop. Salma, determined to find a solution, approached a neighbouring shop for assistance. It was here that she discovered PriyoShop, a game-changer for small businesses like theirs.

PriyoShop – Your B2B Partner

PriyoShop, a leading B2B marketplace in Bangladesh, is digitalizing B2B trade for the unorganized retail sector. The platform connects small-scale retailers directly with manufacturers and suppliers. Salma has learnt that PriyoShop’s app allowed businesses to access thousands of SKUs in one place, eliminating the need for physically going to markets.

Excited about the potential solution, Salma discussed the idea with her husband. They decided to embrace PriyoShop to streamline their product sourcing process. The platform enabled Hannan to find a wide range of products without the hassle of visiting multiple markets, saving time and effort.

The impact was significant – not only did Hannan’s shop thrive with a diverse inventory, but the couple also noticed a substantial increase in revenue by up to 20%. PriyoShop has effectively empowered the MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) by providing a convenient and efficient platform for connecting retailers with suppliers.

Salma’s journey from managing household responsibilities to playing a crucial role in her husband’s business showcased the transformative power of technology. PriyoShop became the catalyst for positive change, allowing small businesses like Hannan’s to flourish and contribute to the vibrant retail landscape of Dhaka.

In the end, Salma Begum’s initiative not only saved her husband’s shop but also demonstrated how embracing digital solutions can uplift and empower small businesses, fostering growth and sustainability in the competitive market.

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