Singapore-Based Venture Capital ‘Iterative’ Visited PriyoShop!

Singapore Based Venture Capital 'Iterative' Visited PriyoShop

Brian Ma, General Partner, and Hsu Ken Ooi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Iterative (Singapore-based venture capital firm) have recently visited Bangladesh’s smart distribution platform (B2B marketplace) PriyoShop’s office. PriyoShop secured a handsome portion of its funding from Iterative in the Pre-Series A round.  These two founders of Iterative interacted with different teams of PriyoShop […]

Empowering Bangladesh’s MSMEs: PriyoShop and LankaBangla PLC Join Hands Together!

In the vibrant landscape of Bangladesh’s economy, where more than 5 million retailers play a crucial role, contributing over 30% to the country’s GDP, empowering MSMEs becomes paramount. Recognizing the potential of these businesses, PriyoShop, the leading B2B marketplace, has taken a significant step towards fostering growth and digitalization by addressing a key challenge faced […]

Bangladesh’s Economic Surge: A Data-Driven Exploration 📊🚀

In the realm of global economic dynamics, Bangladesh is emerging as a compelling success story, backed by a series of impressive figures and strategic initiatives. Let’s delve into the quantitative aspects that underscore the nation’s remarkable growth trajectory. 1. GDP Growth: Bangladesh has consistently outpaced global averages in GDP growth. Over the last decade, the […]

Unveiling the Dominance of the B2B Market over B2C in Bangladesh!

In the realm of commerce, Bangladesh stands as a vibrant and emerging market. Within this landscape, it becomes evident that the business-to-business (B2B) market holds a greater share than its business-to-consumer (B2C) counterpart. This article delves into the reasons behind the larger size of the B2B market in Bangladesh, highlighting the volume of transactions, higher […]

How is PriyoShop impacting the restaurant industry!

The restaurant market in Bangladesh has witnessed remarkable growth over the past decade, with 59% growth in the number of establishments increasing from 0.2 million in 2009-10 to an impressive 0.5 million today. However, despite this rapid expansion, the sector has struggled with fragmented supply chain management, leading to delayed deliveries, inconsistent pricing, and the […]