Brian Ma, General Partner, and Hsu Ken Ooi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Iterative (Singapore-based venture capital firm) have recently visited Bangladesh’s smart distribution platform (B2B marketplace) PriyoShop’s office. PriyoShop secured a handsome portion of its funding from Iterative in the Pre-Series A round. 

These two founders of Iterative interacted with different teams of PriyoShop during office visits, and personally visited all operations. Also, they met the MSMEs directly, and heard their problems and experiences about how PriyoShop helps them solve their issues.

During their visit, Brian Ma and Hsu Ken Ooi guided PriyoShop’s teams on simplifying procedures and improving assistance for MSMEs. Their close involvement with various teams shows a collaborative approach to optimising operations and overcoming problems. This hands-on participation demonstrated Iterative’s dedication to promoting innovation and growth inside the PriyoShop ecosystem, eventually empowering MSMEs across Bangladesh.

About this visit of the founders of Iterative to Bangladesh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PriyoShop, Asikul Alam Khan, stated, “I have received many directions from them to facilitate the business process of the MSMEs in the country. They were so impressed by the activities of PriyoShop.”

PriyoShop is currently serving nearly 60,000 MSMEs through their 15 hubs in 70 thanas across 9 districts of the country, including important areas like Dhaka and Chittagong. PriyoShop will provide embedded finance services to over 1 million entrepreneurs in smart distribution, simplifying and modernizing retailers’ supply chain processes.

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