As 2023 ends, PriyoShop, a leading B2B marketplace, is excited to share our achievements! This year was no ordinary ride; it was a superhero movie for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs! And PriyoShop had an excellent journey this year.

Growth Squad Assemble: We onboarded over 50,000 amazing MSMEs, each with a dream bigger than anything! We welcomed them into our marketplace, giving them access to 200+ famous brands – talk about a power-up!

Expanding Our Kingdom: We didn’t just stay online; we built four new strongholds and expanded our territory in 63 Areas (Uttara, Feni, Chandpur, DakhsinKhan) so that even the most remote entrepreneur could join the fight for success!

WhatsApp to the Rescue: We make easy access for our MSMEs! This year, we launched the super-speedy WhatsApp Marketplace. Just say ‘Hi’ and boom! Over 5,000 products at your fingertips!

Tech Wizardry: Our tech wizards upgraded PriyoShop with lightning-fast searches, smart recommendations and features so easy.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: We built a community filled with workshops, events and online forums – because fighting for success is better with friends!

The Awards Came Rolling: The world noticed our superpowers! We won Sankalp Runner Up, X-pitch Top 100, Top 50 Startup Wheel, and Echelon Top 100 and many more! It’s like winning all the Oscars for business!

As we close this chapter, we are grateful for your trust. We have seen dreams become empires, whispers of ambition become success stories, and the entrepreneurial spirit sings louder than ever!

But this is just the beginning! In 2024, we will keep building bridges, expanding horizons, and amplifying the power of community. Let’s write the next chapter in Bangladesh’s business success story, brighter and bolder than ever!

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