Chattogram is the second largest and busiest city in Bangladesh. Md. Abdul Aziz, a small tea seller near the seaside, has been serving his customers for over a decade. But it wasn’t always easy. With only tea and cookies to sell, Aziz’s store had difficulties. He could only stock a small amount, and larger businesses made it difficult to compete.

One day a friendly face named Sohag walked up to Aziz’s stall. Sohag went there as his daily customer, but Sohag saw the opportunity Aziz had and approached him. He was from PriyoShop, Bangladesh’s leading B2B marketplace for shops like Aziz’s.

The small retailers of Bangladesh face numerous problems like limited money, which means they can’t offer a variety of things, making it hard to beat bigger stores. Restocking is a hassle, and buying too much can lead to waste. These problems often keep shops from growing and expanding their businesses. Many small shops in Bangladesh face similar troubles as Aziz does. Sohag showed Aziz how PriyoShop connects small shops with wholesalers directly. This meant a huge selection of items at good prices, all without leaving the stall! No more limited stock – now Aziz could offer all sorts of things.

Aziz was happy to get the opportunity, and decided to give it a try. With Sohag’s assistance, he signed up for the PriyoShop app and started exploring. At first, the variety seemed overwhelming! However, Sohag was there to assist him in discovering more than 4000 SKUs from over 200 suppliers and brands and placing his first purchase.

The difference was like magic. Customers came in droves to see all the new things Aziz offered, from rice and lentils to everyday essentials. PriyoShop’s smart system also meant Aziz could order just what he needed, avoiding waste.

Aziz’s journey is a perfect example of how PriyoShop helps the MSMEs. He is no longer just a tea seller; he is a growing business owner now catering to more than a hundred of customers daily. His small tea stall has become the centre of demand!

PriyoShop wants to help many shopkeepers like Aziz succeed. Their goal is to make Bangladesh’s small business scene even stronger. By offering easy ways to buy and sell, a wider market and helpful tools, PriyoShop is creating the way for a brighter business future in Bangladesh.

Aziz’s story is an inspiration to all the MSMEs out there. It shows how technology and the right partner can take small shops to amazing places. With innovative solutions like PriyoShop, the days ahead look full of opportunity for Bangladesh’s small businesses!

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