Team PriyoShop is hiring up for massive growth, and they are on the hunt for exceptional talent to join the journey of revolutionizing Bangladesh’s MSMEs sector. Whether you are a tech wizard, a sales dynamo, or a marketing mastermind, PriyoShop has a place for you in its dynamic team. So, be ready with your updated resume and ready to show your potential!

This isn’t just a Dhaka-centric affair. PriyoShop is extending its arms nationwide, offering a hundred roles across various departments:

Tech Gurus: Software Engineers (Full Stack), ready to build and maintain the backbone of PriyoShop’s digital empire – are always welcome!

Product Architect: Product Managers, who can transform customer needs into innovative and user-centric offerings.

Sales Champions: Territory Sales Managers, and Distributor’s Sales Representatives, ready to conquer new markets and explore the PriyoShop territory.

Market Specialist: Market Analysts, with a keen eye on trends and insights to keep PriyoShop ahead of the curve.

Marketing & Branding Wizards: Executive, Marketing Executive and Branding Executive, ready to weave PriyoShop’s story into the hearts and minds of millions.

Logistics Powerhouses: Warehouse Assistants and Hub In-Charges, the unsung heroes ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Acquisition Heroes: Acquisition Executives, who can identify and onboard new partners, fueling PriyoShop’s ambitious expansion plans.

Why PriyoShop?

With PriyoShop isn’t just about a regular job. It’s about being part of a revolution – the revolution of Bangladesh’s MSME sector.  It’s about shaping the future of the B2B sector in Bangladesh and soon the world. It’s about empowering individuals and communities through seamless access to essential goods and services.

This is your chance to be part of something bigger. This is your chance to join Team PriyoShop and write your chapter on the exciting story of the Bangladeshi B2B Sector!

Remember, PriyoShop is not just hiring employees, they are building a dream team.

If you fit any position and have the mentality to work anywhere in Bangladesh you can send your updated CV to!

You also can keep yourself updated or see the circular on our career page!

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